Expanding to... Thailand!

Yes, you’re reading it correctly: we are expanding to Thailand! Starting April 2019, our IT-department will be located in this office. For our relations, this won’t have any negative consequences. In fact, we will be able to help you faster and offer you many more benefits.

By having an office in Sweden and in Thailand who communicate together perfectly, we are able to offer you high technical availability 24/7. This way, we strive that you will never have to wait for a solution to your problem any longer than needed, because we are always there. There’s also no interruption during western holiday seasons, which will make us very reliable for our customers.

Another large benefit with expanding to Thailand is that we can offer advanced customisations, automation and programming for a low cost. Also, we will be able to offer you specialistic expertise regarding the project understanding and leading of a ‘western quality’ for a price efficient cost. ‘It is one of our main goals to offer you the same coding skills, but higher quality in projects for the same price as it would be when you outsource your work to India,’ explains Henrik Lindgren, CEO of Pia Relations. ‘Our European project leaders will collaborate and work together closely with the Asian project leaders to make sure we can provide quality, security and GDPR compliance.’

It’s safe to say that with our expansion and working on becoming a reference point in the Asian market, we are making large steps forward. One of our main goals is to open up an educational and relaxation tropical paradise for customers. Here, we will provide you with high tech area education. ‘It’s the ultimate way to combine daily education and charging your batteries’, says Henrik. ‘It’s even more attractive when you think of all the areas that we can provide education in: Inbound Marketing, CRM within Salesforce or Hubspot, IT-Security tools and being GDPR compliance. What can be more beautiful than learning about these subjects, while charging your battery?!’ With this package, your entire week is taken care off: food, nightly events, house room and of course the education. You, or your employees, will come back with refreshed and new knowledge.

In our opinion, expanding to Thailand is the next best move and we can’t wait to start in April and grow towards opening up our resort as well. We hope to see you there soon!

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