Logging your calls

Like we mentioned earlier, a CRM system is a part of a comprehensive strategy that enables a systematic work process, productivity and profitability of sales related data and activities. One of the great features within HubSpot, one of the CRM providers we work with, is that it comes with a Calling Tracker.

Less time dialing, more time selling

HubSpot offers the possibility to create a queue with tasks, such as a queue for the contacts you have to call, and you can attach a due date to this. You can easily line up an entire day's worth of calls and you can prioritize your calls in a simple click. Working through your queue quickly, easily and efficiently will help you increasing your time to actually focus on selling your services.

A nice extra is that the CRM automatically logs the calls you had, so it decreases the manual work you have to put into your daily routine.

Desktop calling

Another great tool within HubSpot is the ability to call from your browser. With one click you connect yourself with the contact you want to reach, and the calls will always come from your phone number. 

Transfer your work

Nowadays, it is indispensable for companies: part-time work. Where it brings many benefits, it also brings disadvantages. One of these disadvantages is that if one of your part-time colleagues has been in contact with customer X and this colleague has not logged the conversation manually, you will not know whether the customer's question has been answered the next day or not. The risk is that you and your colleague do duplicate work or, worse, both do not do the work.

Hopefully you are just as enthusiastic as us, so let's have a conversation about how a CRM can help you! 🔥


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