Meet our first recruit in Thailand!

We are excited to announce our new recruit for the Thailand office: Sorn Bootburi!

Sorn has a lot of experience as a seller and has a love for AI. He is well known in Phuket, where he has been working with B2B-companies for a long time. After gaining a lot of experience, he even started his own company which went really well. Now that he has sold his company, he likes to pursuit his interests within AI and learn new things. This is why he wanted to become a core member and help us with our expansion to Thailand.

We are super lucky to have him. On his first day he even brought a super delicious Thai snacks: coconut iced milk and syrup with some ice and other traditional ingredients. A kind gesture like that shows who you are as a person, and we can't wait to find out what successes he will book. Goodluck, Sorn!

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