Our new face

In the last year, our company has developed like crazy. We started 1,5 year ago with two employees and while having a lot of fun, motivation and enthusiasm, we now grew to eight employees. We were able to take in a lot of projects, solve problems that were never solved before, develop our knowledge of our branch and build stable relationships with our customers.

With all of these developments, we recently started to look for an account manager. Someone who is the face of our company if it comes to all the sales processes, someone who will continue building and maintaining relationships with our current and new customers. And we found him: Lars Sandström.


Lars is a 23 year old, 187 cm tall male with a dual citizenship: he's half Swedish, half Finnish. He has studied the perspective of media and the communication society at Linköpings University. As mentioned before, he focuses mostly on presales and working with customers. He is also involved in some of our CRM-projects.

He is challenged by trying to be the best version of himself, continuously trying to evolve and seeing every day as a lesson. In his spare time you can either find him on the football field, traveling or ... even more football! He follows his favorite football team, AIK Fotboll, intensely.

Can you help us make Lars feel extra welcome? Connect with him, send him an email (lars@piarelations.se) or call him (+46 79 34 99 389)!



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