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Digitalization Article (Swedish)

Digitalization Article in Swedish

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Give back 100% of the profit

Winter is coming and a lot of children don't get a proper Christmas or even worse, a life to enjoy. At the end of last year we decided to give 100% of the current profit been made so far during our first active year and give it back to charity. We decided to give it to the charity organization Erikshjälpen. It wasn't as much as we wanted to give, but…

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Secure your computer in 60 min

AD360 / ENABLING IT (5MIN) There are several good products on the IT security market. However, it can easily get complicated when it comes to setting up these different products in order to have it work the best possible way and give the maximum amount of safety for your environment. With the help of Panda's automatic classification of processes where…

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A less notorious part of the Stuxnet attack, but oh so funny…

If we say ‘Iranian nuclear facility and malware’, what are you thinking about? Of course, about Stuxnet, like most people would do (if you haven’t seen Zero Days, we highly recommend it). Although Stuxnet is known as notorious to many people, there is a less malicious part that was not covered in Zero Days.

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We don't like cold calling

If no cold calling then...

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Fun stuff

Meeting with Hubspot Yesterday, we had a partner meeting with Hubspot. Super fun, really delicious lunch and we had some deep talk about “what will be the next thing in/after inbound marketing”. Right now, we are building up strategies and plans on how we as an agency can help our customers with inbound marketing. We also talked about the future and…

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