Success story: Bygg & Design Gruppen

'We think that the work has been done super smooth. Rasmus has been very service minded as a consultant and he has also been fast at replying to our questions and at explaining the process in a simple way. We can strongly recommend PIA Relations!!'    - Bygg & Design Gruppen



A while back, our office-neighbors started to have concerns regarding the costs of their IT environment. Their costs were increasing and they were not fully satisfied with their solutions to begin with.

Since we have helped them from time to time before, something good neighbors do, we knew that their IT environment was set up rather complex. With approximately 7 users their IT environment was too complex, which led us to suggest that they would let us take over the responsibility for their IT and let us simplify it.


The company was using RDP for external servers for Outlook and other Office365-features, a G-Suite account to reroute their e-mails, a Dropbox-account to share data and last but not least, a third party was responsible for the DNS. It is hard to not see how the IT environment was split up.

To bring back simplicity in their IT environment, we choose to create an Office365 environment and decided to manage their DNS. We migrated their Dropbox, G-Suite and the data stored within the RDP solution to their own Office365. This migration included the data of their Dropbox and their current mailboxes, of course.

As a result of this, all  their data is in one place, they have tons of personal storage space in the Cloud and they can easily share corporate data with SharePoint.

In terms of their DNS, we did transfer their domain to their own DNS registrar account and fixed the MX records to what they were before the transfer. The downtime was minimized to only a few minutes and this was timed during the lunch. Because of our precautions, we didn't lose any e-mails or important information.


The result of all of the mentioned steps is that the entire IT environment is simplified and back in control. In case our office-neighbors are experiencing any other issues in the future, we have all the tools to be able to give quick and efficient help without having to contact approximately two or three other parties.

'It was a great experience to work on this project and do something for our office-neighbors,' says Rasmus, 'I was even able to learn a few things along the way. I also like that we are able to give our office-neighbors something they deserve: hands-on IT support'.



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