Inbound and CRMit consultant

Importance of best practice

Different types of IT attacks continues to be on the rise, and we write about it a lot. They act in specific ways and they find different holes in our software, which makes us vulnerable to attacks.

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Our new face

In the last year, our company has developed like crazy. We started 1,5 year ago with two employees and while having a lot of fun, motivation and enthusiasm, we now grew to eight employees. We were able to take in a lot of projects, solve problems that were never solved before, develop our knowledge of our branch and build stable relationships with our…

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The spark that lit my interest in IT security

As I am sitting and managing our internal IT, I started drifting off in my own thoughts. I started thinking about how I even got into IT and IT security.

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Digitalization Article (Swedish)

Digitalization Article in Swedish

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A less notorious part of the Stuxnet attack, but oh so funny…

If we say ‘Iranian nuclear facility and malware’, what are you thinking about? Of course, about Stuxnet, like most people would do (if you haven’t seen Zero Days, we highly recommend it). Although Stuxnet is known as notorious to many people, there is a less malicious part that was not covered in Zero Days.

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