Inbound and CRMit security education

Success story: Bygg & Design Gruppen

'We think that the work has been done super smooth. Rasmus has been very service minded as a consultant and he has also been fast at replying to our questions and at explaining the process in a simple way. We can strongly recommend PIA Relations!!'    - Bygg & Design Gruppen

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Importance of best practice

Different types of IT attacks continues to be on the rise, and we write about it a lot. They act in specific ways and they find different holes in our software, which makes us vulnerable to attacks.

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Expanding to... Thailand!

Yes, you’re reading it correctly: we are expanding to Thailand! Starting April 2019, our IT-department will be located in this office. For our relations, this won’t have any negative consequences. In fact, we will be able to help you faster and offer you many more benefits.

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