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The surprising benefits of a CRM system

We have been writing a lot about CRM systems, how to use the different tools they come with and in what way that tool can benefit you. But how does a CRM system benefit your company in general? Or maybe we should say: why does your company need a CRM system?

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Expanding to... Thailand!

Yes, you’re reading it correctly: we are expanding to Thailand! Starting April 2019, our IT-department will be located in this office. For our relations, this won’t have any negative consequences. In fact, we will be able to help you faster and offer you many more benefits.

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A less notorious part of the Stuxnet attack, but oh so funny…

If we say ‘Iranian nuclear facility and malware’, what are you thinking about? Of course, about Stuxnet, like most people would do (if you haven’t seen Zero Days, we highly recommend it). Although Stuxnet is known as notorious to many people, there is a less malicious part that was not covered in Zero Days.

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