The spark that lit my interest in IT security

As I am sitting and managing our internal IT, I started drifting off in my own thoughts. I started thinking about how I even got into IT and IT security.

Naturally, like most IT people, I am a nerd with a natural interest in how different machines and systems are built up and how they work. So that’s surely the reason behind why I like IT.

However, how come I started finding IT security so interesting? I still remember the first time I heard about a virus. I was a little kid at this point and I asked my mom what a virus was. Tiny little Rasmus was just getting to know about the world wide web and it’s mysteries.

My mom didn’t know much about malware or viruses, like most people back then, but she told me the story of how she was writing her university assignment. I don’t remember exactly how many words there was, but it was a lot of words in that poor Word-document. I believe it was at the end of a course, like a final assignment. Suddenly, as she was just finishing up her work, when opening it for a final time just to check that everything was correct a text box appeared which read: “Haha, I’m a virus”. This was followed by the entire word document “breaking into pieces” and the file disappearing. So my poor mom had to rewrite everything from scratch, which ended up taking multiple hours.

I’m thinking that maybe this was the point in time which sparked my interest for IT. To hear about a nerd being able to cause that much trouble by just knowing how computers and coding works. Thing is, although it was interesting to hear about what malware could do, I didn’t want to create any malware myself as it must have sucked for my mom and any other person which encountered this virus.

I think it had an effect on me like the usual comparison with cops and criminals. One wants to protect and the other wants to destroy, but ultimately the two sides are pretty similar, working in the same fields but on different sides. Either way, I just wanted to share a little something with everyone. I hope that the person reading this is having a great day.

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