Why you should create tasks

In every type of work environment you encounter a lot of 'to-do' things. This can be emailing your client, calling for an appointment, giving a demo, and so on. Even though the situation might be different for every case, your daily tasks are most likely to be the same.

Task management tools

In order to keep track of these so-called to-do things, it is recommended to use task management in your daily work. Not only is it a good way to keep track of what your daily goal is, it also is known to increase your productivity.

Task management includes every single tasks that you need to do in order to complete your goal. When working individually, this tool simply helps you to cross off things of your to-do list and give each task a status, but when working with a team it also helps you to keep track of the deadlines, productivity of each team member, having a live update to each task and so on.

When using a good task management tool, you are able to not only create a task, but also to give them a specific priority and due them for a specific day and time. You also will be able to give each task a specific status and queue your tasks over a period of time.

An overview

Now, see below how this could look like in your daily work life.


As you can see, each task is associated with a person and have a registered due date. Within each task, you are able to leave notes and give them a priority and a status. Once you are done, you mark the task as completed and it will automatically disappear from the list. Also, on every due date and time you can receive a notification as a reminder to the task.

The benefits

The biggest benefit of using a task management tool is you being able to centralize your tasks and increase your productivity. When logging every step you have to take, you will be able to see exactly what you have to do and what has already been done. Another benefit is the fact that your co-worker is able to take over tasks when you might be sick or on a holiday and you will be able to see the exact status of each task when you come back to work.


Great task management tools we work with are HubSpot and Trello. HubSpot gives you the possibility to create tasks based on the CRM system, which gives you all the company- and contact information you need. On the other hand, Trello is a great tool for the visual thinker. You are able to create different boards, cards and team members.

Do you need help with the set up of one of your task management tools, are you simply interested to learn how a task management tool could benefit your company or looking for tips on which tool is the best pick for you? Feel free to contact us 😊!

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